segunda-feira, 14 de maio de 2012

Looking back at myself

Looking at us today, looking at myself, I realise, it´s not important how beautiful you are, how beautifiul you were ou weren´t, how intellingent, how interesting, or how high self steem was or how low it was, how much it kept you confused if you were a good girl, a bad girl, a hot one or a disgusting one. Looking at us now, it´s really clear that we´ve managed to survive everything, even ourselves. Today we found someone, we are with someones who we love, who we care about, not important that we´ve tried to destroy ourselves with everthing: drugs, self abuse, violent sex, too much sex, whatever. We survived and that´s how we built our self steem, how we got to know ourselves and how we managed to be beautiful. 

PS: Special thanks for Cris Oliveira, a loving and caring friend and a wonderful teacher, who corrected this text for me.

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